Fruit Tea

Fruit tea is made from fruits of all kinds and is suitable for everybody. The tea can be drunk hot and cold and at any time of the day. Fruit tea contains vitamins and minerals and is enriched with different flavours and dried fruits.

Wholesale price for 100g bags is minus 25% of the prices shown below

  Fruit Tea "Grandma's Garden "

100g / € 5.90


A colourful selection of delicious fruits and berries from the
garden has been brought together to create a very special fruit tea
blend. The ingredients are organically grown: black currant,
strawberry & raspberry pieces, blueberries, beetroot & carrot bits,
apple pieces.
Brew 10 – 12 min

Fresh Energy


  Plum Cinnamon

100g / € 4.90


This blend is a treat and real vitalizer, perfect to drink at any time of the year. Contains pieces of plum, rose hips, apple and cinnamon pieces, and hibiscus.
Brew 10-12

Fresh Energy


  Fruit Tea "Peach-Apricot"

100g / € 4.80


Juicy and delicious fruit composition. Contains peach & apricot
bits, rose hips, papaya & apple bits, hibiscus and grapes. The
ideal summer drink, to be enjoyed hot or cold.
Brew 10-12 min

Fresh Energy


  Fruit Tea "Heavenly Fruitbasket "
100g / € 5.00

Let's go for a walk in the countryside and collect raspberries,
blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, apple & black currant
pieces, hibiscus, rose hips and blackberry leaves. Wonderful,
wonderful summer fruits .
Brew 10-12 min

Fresh Energy




  Fruit Tea "Berry Punch"
100 g / € 4.50

Hibiscus, wine berries, elder berries, cinnamon,
extraordinary fruity taste.
Brew 6-10 min

Berry Punch

  Turkish Apple Tea
100 g / € 4.50

Contains apple pieces, lemon grass & natural flavouring. Low in
acid, full of Vitamin C. Enjoy a unique fresh and sweetish taste.
Brew 10 - 12 min

Turkish Apple Tea