Green Tea

When producing green tea in China, the freshly plucked tea leaves are heated in large pans at a high temperature. In Japan, the freshly plucked leaves are steamed over hot water for a moment. The split ferments are destroyed, the fermentation interrupted. The leaves keep their natural dark-green colour.
The tannin in green tea is released faster than in black tea. In order to avoid the bitter taste, boil the water once and then cool it down for 8 - 15 minutes before brewing the tea. Green tea can be infused several times from the same leaves.

Wholesale price for 100g bags is minus 25% of the prices shown below

  China Mooncastle
100g / € 5.00

This is a fine refreshing organic green tea, to be enjoyed all
day long. A gentle, bright infusion with a flowery cup and a
fresh but mellow taste.
Brew 1-3 min



  China Jasmine Tea
100 g / € 5.00

Green tea dried together with fine Jasmine blossoms
to give it tis unique, pleasant smell and flavour. Supports
digestion after a rich meal.
Brew 1-3 min


China Jasmine

  Japan Sencha
100 g / € 5.90
Sencha is by far the most popular tea in Japan. This is a mild green tea with a pleasantly tender note and a light sweetness. Harvest 2010

Brew 2-3 min

Vanilla Green


  Japan Plum Green
100g / € 4.80

Green sencha tea, mallow blossom, plum-mango
Brew 2-3 min

Japan Plum


  Morning Dreams
100 g / € 4.80

Green sencha tea, sunflower, rose petal, cornflower
blossoms. Mango-bergamot-jackfruit flavour.
Brew 2-3 min

Morning Dreams


  Tea a la Marakesh
100 g / € 4.80

Green and Peppermint tea blend.
Chinese gunpowder and African peppermint combine to a fresh and exciting taste experience. This tea is a popular classic, just lovely, and can be enjoyed either hot or cold.
Brew 3-5 min

Morning Dreams